What is Counselling?

Traditional, psychotherapeutic, Counselling is based upon a relationship between an individual, or group, and the counsellor. Through the process of this relationship they are able to explore various emotions, feelings, issues and problems. The aim of which is to empower the individual (group/members of the group) to recognise, and take control of, how these may be affecting their lives. The counselling relationship recognises it is those thoughts and feelings that are often left unsaid that are the most powerful. Through True4Life counselling you are able to explore and express these thoughts and feelings in a safe and comfortable environment, and in a non-judgemental way. As an alternative to traditional counselling True4Life also offers a more unique approach called Philosophical Counselling.

Philosophical practice utilises the tools of Philosophy. It encourages the development of critical thinking, by the individual or group, in order to analyse questions of a specific nature. Philosophical practice seeks to clarify, articulate, explore and understand aspects of a belief system or world view. Hence Philosophical activity will, for example, can help to clarify identity in terms of an individual or group and how it relates to society, at all levels, through:

1. The examination of arguments and justifications.

2. The clarification, analysis, and definition of important terms and concepts.

3. The exposure and examination of underlying assumptions, terms and concepts.

4. The exposure of conflicts and inconsistencies.

5. Exploring Ethical and Moral considerations.

Most importantly, our primary approach is to develop a counselling strategy to suit the individual, or group. We are happy to discuss what is best for you during your free consultation. Please contact True4Life either by phone or email to arrange a time and date that best suits you.