In addition to offering Social Work services True4Life is also able to deliver a Counselling service. Whilst our primary approach to Counselling is based upon the traditional Psychotherapeutic model True4Life have also developed a model of Philosophical Counselling. Depending upon the needs of the individual or organisation, True4Life can provide Counselling through the traditional Psychotherapeutic approach through individual and group work, and/or a more Philosophical approach that utilises the tools of Philosophy, such as the Socratic Dialogue and Critical Thinking. 

Give yourself a chance to be heard.

Q. Who can counselling help?

A. The reasons people contact True4Life counselling are as diverse as the people themselves.

Q. Are my problems serious enough for counselling?

A. The fact that your problems are bothering you is what makes them serious enough.

Q. I feel that my problems are so serious no one can help?

A. True4Life believes that everyone can benefit on some level from counselling.