The corporate world is in a state of constant flux. Companies shifting in both design and function, always adapting to market trends and adopting new efficiency models. By constantly evolving corporate structures, companies strive to create environments in which employees can thrive. Which in turn increases productivity and hopefully a return in the form of increased profits. Most forward looking companies have a number of ways to develop a happy and productive workforce, such as offering reward programs and incentive schemes. Some have entire departments dedicated to making sure its workforce is happy.

However, more recently, companies have been exploring incorporating other elements traditionally not associated with companies, such as Counsellors and Social Workers. Not only do corporate Counsellors and Social Workers provide companies with a new tool for fostering and developing a happy workforce, but they also provide expertise in how a business is portraying itself to the outside world. Most companies have become more aware of their public perception over the past decade, as the Internet has allowed a slew of information to become available to anyone who wants it — including potential clients or customers.

By addressing issues surrounding corporate responsibility towards their employees and the community, corporate Counsellors and Social Workers can actually help polish an organisation’s public image, effectively augmenting marketing and public relations departments. By successfully branding itself as a business that invests in local communities and its employees, many prospective customers are swayed to spend their money at places they may not have otherwise.