Steve is an experienced qualified Social Work Manager who has over 20yrs. experience of working within Social Care. He has worked in both the Statutory and Private sectors. In addition to this he also has over 10yrs. experience as a Counsellor. Steve is able to draw upon both his training as a Counsellor and his Philosophical studies to inform and deliver his services. He is also the founder and Director of True4Life. He established True4Life so that he could explore new opportunities and develop his current practice in Social Work, as well as exploring alternative practices of Counselling and Philosophy. Consequently, Steve has also developed various models in which he can deliver his Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Philosophical Counselling, Coaching and Counsel services. These include individual 1:2:1 and Group Work at our office, or working within an organisation.

True4Life is the opportunity to put theory into practice, both from a Psychological and Sociological perspective. Although Social Work, Counselling and Philosophy are separate disciplines, together they will explore important things such as 'internal' and 'external' world relationships, feeling and emotions and the meaning of vulnerability and empowerment. These in turn can be linked to identity and meaning. Exploring such topics with individuals, groups and organisations will promote and enhance their well-being and functionality. Whether you are an individual or an organisation, whatever you need, True4life can help you.